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eBay, Citroen and Jon Favreau - the start of chick+pea

August 7, 2016


We are now officially open for business and as such able to take a moment to reflect on the hard work that has been put in over the last few months to start chick+pea officially. Our first event at the Edinburgh Food Festival was a great success and many people wanted to hear our story and how the food truck had come about.


From a personal perspective I also feel I have a debt with the internet based on the amount of insight and knowledge it was able to provide me already on this project. I therefore thought it would be good to share our story so far and how we managed to build our van in a relatively short period of time.


This blog is dedicated to Google, my longstanding friend and mentor.


It all started on a cold winter’s evening when I received a nice little email from ebay saying something along the lines of – Dear JD, you might be interested in some of these items…


It is safe to say that I was not interested in any of the items that were suggested to me by eBay’s malfunctioning recommending system. Nonetheless it did trigger me to sporadically start cruising through the pages of eBay at lightening speed and no doubt upsetting the eBay algorithm processor in the meantime.


I somehow found myself looking at classical cars in the local Edinburgh area and the one listing that stood out for me was the listing for what subsequently became ‘the van’ aka Albert.


I instantly recognised from the background in the picture the characteristically sandy stone from Edinburgh and thought that this is too good to be true, a very unique van for sale in the city that I am living in? After a quick email, multiple journeys across to the south side of the city I soon became the owner of a 1980s blue and beautiful Citroen H van.



Fortunately I had a rough idea in my head of what I was going to do with the van (I had watched Chef at least 3 times). In the film I learned that the first thing to do is to chuck all of the old equipment out of the van and then scrub it really hard (if you have a son then shout at him and teach him a hard lesson about how much hard work catering is).


It was here I hit the first stumbling block of many. The van had been used dually by the previous owner, Philippe, as a cash and carry tranporter and a marketing piece for his old restaurant. There was not one bit of equipment in the van and there was no hatch in the side of it. I also do not have any children to shout at.


Nonetheless I set about finding suppliers to provide the greatly needed conversion skills, I needed a welder, an electrician, a carpenter and a plumber. According to google there are plenty of places that offer this service as a one stop shop!...in the south of England. Not wanting to brave the journey in my new 30mph piece of lightening I figured that I could find the individual skilled labourers in Scotland and coordinate the project myself....




I will try to update these weekly, forgive me if I forget.


If you like what we are doing and want to let us know then send us a message - info@chickandpea.co.uk





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